Into the Unknown: Making Frozen 2

Release Date:2020


With less than a year until the world premiere of Frozen II (2019), the filmmakers, artists, songwriters and cast open their doors to cameras for a six-part documentary series to reveal the hard work, heart, and collaboration that went into creating the highly anticipated sequel.


  • S 1  , Ep06  The World Awaits   NA   EUR
  • S 1  , Ep05  Race to the Finish   NA   EUR
  • S 1  , Ep04  Big Changes   NA   EUR
  • S 1  , Ep03  Journey to Ahtohallan   NA   EUR
  • S 1  , Ep02  Back to the Drawing Board   NA   EUR   Free
  • S 1  , Ep01  A Year to Premiere   NA   EUR   Free
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