Young Sheldon

Release Date:2017


The early life of child genius Sheldon, later seen in The Big Bang Theory (2007).


  • S 2  , Ep12  A Tummy Ache and a Whale of a Metaphor   NA   EUR
  • S 2  , Ep11  A Race of Superhumans and a Letter to Alf   NA   EUR
  • S 2  , Ep10  A Stunted Childhood and a Can of Fancy Mixed Nuts   NA   EUR
  • S 2  , Ep09  Family Dynamics and a Red Fiero   NA   EUR
  • S 2  , Ep08  An 8-Bit Princess and a Flat Tire Genius   NA   EUR
  • S 2  , Ep07  Carbon Dating and a Stuffed Raccoon   NA   EUR
  • S 2  , Ep06  Seven Deadly Sins and a Small Carl Sagan   NA   EUR
  • S 2  , Ep05  A Research Study and Czechoslovakian Wedding Pastr   NA   EUR
  • S 2  , Ep04  A Financial Secret and Fish Sauce   NA   EUR
  • S 2  , Ep03  A Crisis of Faith and Octopus Aliens   NA   EUR
  • S 2  , Ep02  A Rival Prodigy and Sir Isaac Neutron   NA   EUR   Free
  • S 2  , Ep01  A High-Pitched Buzz and Training Wheels   NA   EUR   Free
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