Release Date:2018


A comedy about a dysfunctional family with 3 children. Oldest Wendy is trying to figure out life. Don came home after being kicked out of his band and finds he can talk to raccoons. Youngest Brian always seems to unite the family.


  • S 1  , Ep12  Can You Hear Me?   NA   EUR
  • S 1  , Ep11  He's Bending Again   NA   EUR
  • S 1  , Ep10  Manny's Way   NA   EUR
  • S 1  , Ep09  I Can't Go to U2 Without You   NA   EUR
  • S 1  , Ep08  The Quiet One   NA   EUR
  • S 1  , Ep07  Please for Fish   NA   EUR
  • S 1  , Ep06  Who's That Girl?   NA   EUR
  • S 1  , Ep05  Rukma Vimana   NA   EUR
  • S 1  , Ep04  Someone Is Looking Out for You   NA   EUR
  • S 1  , Ep03  Manny's Oath of Secrecy   NA   EUR
  • S 1  , Ep02  This Will Not Stand   NA   EUR   Free
  • S 1  , Ep01  I'm Not Crazy I Love You   NA   EUR   Free
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