Release Date:2018


Breathe is an Indian drama that explores the lives of ordinary men faced with extraordinary circumstances. Kabir (Sadh), a brilliant but non-conventional officer of the Crime Branch, puts the pieces together of seemingly unconnected deaths that lead to an unlikely suspect - the affable Danny (R.Madhavan). Kabir will not stop till he cracks the case and delivers justice..


  • S 1  , Ep08  Body Parts   NA   EUR
  • S 1  , Ep07  It's in the eyes   NA   EUR
  • S 1  , Ep06  Blind Man's Bluff   NA   EUR
  • S 1  , Ep05  Bad Fish   NA   EUR
  • S 1  , Ep04  The Audition   NA   EUR
  • S 1  , Ep03  Safety First   NA   EUR
  • S 1  , Ep02  The Hunt Begins   NA   EUR   Free
  • S 1  , Ep01  The Promise   NA   EUR   Free
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