Lip Sync Battle

Release Date:2015


Varieties of celebrities pair up to do battle each week using lip sync as their weapon to out do each other. The audience is the judge, deciding which candidate does the best lip sync performance.


  • S 4  , Ep12  Alicia Silverstone vs. Mena Suvari   NA   EUR
  • S 4  , Ep11  Rita Ora vs. Charli XCX   NA   EUR
  • S 4  , Ep10  Michael Bolton vs. Pete Davidson   NA   EUR
  • S 4  , Ep09  Jeff Ross vs. Rob Schneider   NA   EUR
  • S 4  , Ep08  Pentatonix   NA   EUR
  • S 4  , Ep07  Luis Fonsi vs. Joan Smalls   NA   EUR
  • S 4  , Ep06  Kathy Bates vs. Tone Bell   NA   EUR
  • S 4  , Ep05  LaVar Ball vs. Lonzo Ball   NA   EUR
  • S 4  , Ep04  Johnny Weir vs. Tara Lipinski   NA   EUR
  • S 4  , Ep03  TMI: Ruby Rose vs. Mills Jovovich   NA   EUR
  • S 4  , Ep02  Christina Aguilera Tribute   NA   EUR   Free
  • S 4  , Ep01  Episode #4.00   NA   EUR   Free
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