The Mysterious Benedict Society

Release Date:2021


A group of gifted orphans are recruited by an eccentric, benefactor to go on a secret mission.


  • S 2  , Ep08  A Two-Way Street   NA   EUR
  • S 2  , Ep07  A Joyful Lens   NA   EUR
  • S 2  , Ep06  A Commitment to All Things Cozy   NA   EUR
  • S 2  , Ep05  Blank Expression   NA   EUR
  • S 2  , Ep04  Free of Pointless Command   NA   EUR
  • S 2  , Ep03  A Gold Bar in Fort Knox   NA   EUR
  • S 2  , Ep02  A Bit of Light Chop   NA   EUR   Free
  • S 2  , Ep01  A Perilous Journey   NA   EUR   Free
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